We do not claim that everyone will buy our porcelain. But our policy is no regrets for those who do.


Cups "Retro" from the individual cups collection are popular and based on the tradition of Czech Cubism and Art Deco. Cups with three hand-painted animals are also very popular that we produce them in following designs: Dog, Cat, Leopard, Horse, Mouse and Crocodile. For customers who desire a truly original product, we have a "Mobile" cup. It's a cup on wheels, fully functional whilst mobile. Try it!



From our coffee and tea sets, we'd like to recommend the Boat set for sailors who are temporarily stranded in Central Europe, or Steamer set for those who have missed their season on Mississippi. Animal set is there for those who like a bit of wilderness on the table. We have Dog set for dog lovers and Steel set for engineering ethusiasts.


Dining sets

Our dining set Orlando is also meant to be used home. Modern and practical design of this set will certainly interest anyone who is not satisfied with the normal production and still wants to enjoy the dishes every day.



Our vases are suitable for both modern and traditionally furnished interior. Porcelain is the best material for the vase, unlike ceramics it does now spontaneously crack and leak, so you will never be unpleasantly surprised by a wet circle on mahogany table.



You need a small gift? Then you can choose from our trinkets. Hanging birds, salt shakers, bells and Christmas tree balls are a perfect gift for any occasion.


Sugar bowls

Jars are caches for little secrets, and believe that your secrets are really safe in our jars. Watchdog rabbit will chase away any intruder!