About us

GOLDFINGER Porcelain is a family business founded in 1998 and located in Brno, Czech Republic. It deals with small-lot production of porcelain according to our own original designs. The whole production process is handmade with maximum emphasis on quality of workmanship. Czech porcelain is used in the production as the main material - the material of the highest quality.
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Jiří Hlušička


Our products

Our porcelain products are mainly objects of daily use, but each product has a story that it can tell if you listen; Mobile cup tell you where he was, Boat pot sailing quietly on the table and Chameleon cup watches all, will not run away, but he remembers everything ...

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Custom projects

Would you like to produce porcelain or ceramic product based on your own desing or do you need also the design? You can count on us. We will carry out the entire project from start to finished product. Our small batch production allows to pursue with the utmost care for each product.

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Porcelain production

Production of porcelain is a serial technology. Castings are made from unique form, therefore their production reasonable only for production of hundreds of pieces. In any case, it is not possible to efficiently produce individual pieces.

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