Production of porcelain is a serial technology - castings are made from unique form. Therefore their production reasonable only for production of hundreds of pieces.

Even when dealing with small-lot production, it is not efficient to produce individual pieces of porcelain. Certainly we can not produce a replica of your grandmothers' cup that broke. Porcelain production technology is complex and usually requires a personal visit of the contracting party in our workshop in order to fine tune the details of the product. Way to your own a product from porcelain is not simple, but the joy of the result is greater!

Those who are interested in the production of porcelain must reckon with the costly production of molds. For the calculation of the price is always necessary technical drawing with dimensions and the expected number of pieces. We respect the copyrights and each product is handled as an asset of the contractor. Meaning also that each product must be paid before it leaves our workshop.

Selected projects


For Modernista company we carry out the production of all assortment of cubist ceramics.

Authors: Pavel Janák, Vlastislav Hofman, Rudolf Stockar
Occasion: serial production
Year of production: 2006 - present

Porcelain illuminating objects

Translucent effect is typical for porcelain. It is used for simple shaped products mostly as the technology is a very complicated process. We are able to create even such a complicated shapes as for example a tiny gothic cathedrale only because we did develop our own very translucent porcelain based mass and we use 3D print technology to make the models.

Author: Jiří Hlušička
Realization: 2019 TIC Brno

Mug with cat

We produced a mug with for Polish comapany Design f3h. The product was interesting for us because it was the first time we encountered 3D printing. Model of the cat was printed out.

Author: Design f3h
Country: Poland
Year of production: 2013

Tatraplan as a breadbox

Architect and designer Petr Václavek created Tatraplan procelain jar using design of the iconic car, which serves as food and especialy bread container.

Author: Petr Václavek
Occasion: Designblok
Year of production: 2015


Shining porcelain statue. Height 65 cm. Produced for Sarda MedTech, India.

Author: Helena Hlušičková
Occasion: sanctuary gift for friends of an Indian magnate
Year of production: 2011

Dining service

Bořek Šípek designed dining service for Steltman Galleries in New York and Amsterdam, we produced for two years.

Author: Bořek Šípek
Occasion: for Steltman Galleries in New Yorku and Amsterdamu
Year of production: 2000-2001

Dining set Orlando

Leona Matějková and Gabriela Náhlíková designed this practical dining set specificaly for our workshop and keep producing the set to present days.

Authors: Leona Matějková, Gabriela Náhlíková
Occasion: expansion of our product portfolio
Year of production: 1999 - present

Set of gift items

Gift items, that companies order for their customers or employees, are common products we dealt with. As an example, here is a set fo the Dutch company Moonen, for which we have gradually produced the products which form free set.

Author: Studio Zwartjes
Occasion: company anniversary
Year of production: 1998-2009

Oval porcelain plates

Occasion: set for Maisons de Boheme company
Year of production: 2011

Bábovka - Marble Cake

A student Jana Černá contacted us in 2009 to carry out her "Marble Cake" project. The project became very popular and we are still producing the shape in the present.

Author: Jana Černá
Occasion: student project
Year of production: 2009 - present

Technical porcelain

Porcelain is for its physical and chemical properties also suitable as a component of products, which will capitalize on its hardness, resistance to acids and dimensional stability under all conditions.

Year of production: