Product design

At the beginning of the production process, it is necessary to consult with the customer the shape of the product, its technical modifications or to design a complete product design.

Model print

If the shape of the product is definitive, we will produce a model. Most often using 3D printing on an MSLA printer.

Main mold production

We use the product model for the production of the main mold.

First prototype for customer approval

We will use the main mold for the production of the first prototype, which is then handed over to the customer for approval.

Serial production

If the prototype is approved by the customer, series production begins. First, an appropriate number of operating molds are produced, which are used for the production itself. The number of operating molds determines the time required to produce the order.

Payment terms

For smaller orders and in the case of patterning, 100% is paid before the start of the entire process. For larger orders, 60% is paid before the start of production and a surcharge of 40% before shipping the order.
order processing


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castings are made from unique form, therefore their production is reasonable only for production of hundreds of pieces.

Although we are engaged in small-batch production, it is not efficient to produce individual pieces of porcelain. Certainly we can not produce a replica of your grandmothers' cup that broke. Porcelain production technology is complex and usually requires a personal visit of the contracting party in our workshop in order to fine tune the details of the product. Way to your own a product from porcelain is not simple, but the joy of the result is greater!